Gender Equality?

I posted this on FaceBook, and it is one of the few posting I have made on a relatively controversial topic for which I received absolutely no responses in the first twelve hours.  Too touchy a subject?  Was I too adamant?  Am I just plain offensively wrong?  I have no clue...  But I figured that it was worth posting here regardless of the reason.  Whatever the reason, it must have struck some nerves or scared some folks off.... that makes is worth the effort!

Social Opinion on Gender "Equality": Some may find this offensive. Tough stuff! Ignore if so inclined.

This is an interesting list of responses to another article entitled "How to Raise a Feminist Son" found here -> https://www.nytimes.com/…/upshot/how-to-raise-a-feminist-so…

Let me be blunt: 
Men <> Women (To be clear, that is "not equal").
Boy <> Girls

The whole concept of gender equality is stupid. Men and Women, Boys and Girls are 'equivalent', not equal. The first step in solving a problem in a group is to come up with reasonable definitions of what the problem is. The word 'equal' simply does not fit. It means the same. I don't know about y'all, but I am not the same as my Wife, nor was my Mother the same as my Father, etc... ad nauseum.
It is time we taught our kids(and ourselves) the difference between 'Equal' and 'Equivalent', and started applying that terminology to our attitudes toward gender. We need to apply that concept not just in the area of gender, but in the area of humans in general. 

I <> You! We are different! And yes, there are rules which vary depending on which 'equivalence' we are facing. That is hard to teach to kids, or anyone for that matter. But without some rules, some standards, we end up with a bunch of navel gazing like we have now.

It seems to me that we need to (re)teach ourselves to recognize 'consideration' in a multi-faceted way. It is just as valid for me to hold the door for another human being who is loaded down with bags of groceries as it is to hold the door for a woman who is simply going through the same door as I. I do the same thing for different reasons, and both are valid. It is just as valid for me to advocate for women in combat(assuming they meet standards that ensure they are not a danger to themselves and their mates - just like males have to meet those standards) as it is to demand equal pay for equal work(note the word equal there) for all humans who do the work.

These distinctions are what we need to get back to. It is not about being equal. Equal is boring! It is about understanding that equivalence is a multifaceted set of 'equals' and 'non-equals' that apply to all human beings.

We invited readers to share their stories of raising boys to believe in the full equality of men and women. Here is a selection, with responses from experts in the field.

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