Fear of Choice - Mostly the Choice of Others

One of the most compelling and important things that America offers it's citizens is choice.  From our political views to religious belief to philosophical bent.  Employment, education, locale in which to live, all these things we may choose for ourselves.  This was what our country was built on.  Not only individual choice, but collective choice as well.  Our constitution is a framework on which we build and grow as a society, ever flexible and changing; dynamic.

It is that dynamic nature which makes our constitution one of the best ever written.  It allows us choice.

There are dangers inherent in having choices.  We might make a bad choice.  And then what?  There is no going back, as we all learn too soon in life.  There is only going forward.  But a bad choice is generally not permanent.  We can choose again, applying what we have learned before to hopefully make a better choice.  There is also the danger of having to live with other peoples choices, or conversely, recognizing that others have to live with ours through no fault of their own.  These are the choices that we have come to fear the most it seems.  And our response is to deny, or attempt to deny, choices other than our own.... and we diminish ourselves, our society, our culture and our country through fear of choice.

How did we, a people that calls itself free, end up fearing the very choices that make us free?  What is it exactly that we are afraid of?  What risk do we mitigate by diminishing choice?  Perhaps most importantly: What choices have we become most afraid of?
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