There Is No Theory of Everything - An Article Worth Reading

..There Is No Theory of Everything..

This is well worth the read in that it is applicable to the incredible mess we have turned ourselves into as a society that mixes fact with elucidation and assumes that either one should work equally in any given situation.  Our choices in dealing with any given contentious issue is to apply one or the other, when one would work and the other not work at all.  The "Blue Pill" analogy is particularly poignant in contrasting the applicability of either 'answer'.

Frank, the subject of much of this article, reminds me a great  deal of Robert Pirsig, the author of "Zen And The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" and subsequently "Lila".  The assumptions made are very similar, though the story Pirsig tells is disturbing in it's setting while Frank remains in the real world of applied philosophy.  Both of these authors look for a 'balance' between objective fact and subjective deduction based on more distant observation.  Two tangents aimed at the same belief that we are missing the boat when we argue one world view against the other not to mention mix elements of both to make a point without really understanding the point we are making.

There is one additional similarity as close as I can tell(I have not read Franks works, only this article about him, whereas I have read both of Pirsigs books a couple of times).  Neither one of these authors addressed spirituality.  Pirsig would describe a belief system, but never really address in terms other than 'it's existence is explained by the need to deal with those things which impact us but for which we have no provable evidence'.(that is not a quote, it is my interpretation.  Franks view on belief systems is not mentioned by the author, which may or may not mean that it was irrelevant to Frank.  However, I assume for the moment that had it been, the article author would have mentioned it.

A major difference between the two is that Frank has no time for metaphysics, whereas Pirsig was all about metaphysics: Which is one of the things that I really like about Pirsig. On the other hand, Franks approach is very direct which is also very attractive to me.....

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