Just Quit Bickering and Do Something!

One of the things that bothers me about those that support the efforts to clean up our emissions (climate change supporters?) is that they are using the climate change argument as the primary leverage point for their argument to clean up our act. It is not really a good argument.

There is a little clip of Murdoch stating his position on climate change that shows that he

a) Does acknowledge climate change, but
b) does not acknowledge that humans have much if any impact on the issue.

So he is half right. He asks the very pertinent question, "what are we going to do about it?", and then suggests in a rather anecdotal way that we should quit building on beaches. Pretty pragmatic if you ask me.... makes sense.

He does not think we humans make a difference. So why focus on arguing against his disbelief instead of focusing on what he might be useful for. Encourage the Murdoch's of the world prepare for the results of climate change regardless of the cause. Let them lead that effort, they are probably well suited to it. In the mean time....

Those of us who know we impact our environment to some extent should quit barking up the climate tree as if the rest of the forest has already been cut down. There are plenty of reasons to reduce our consumption of fossil fuels. For one, they are getting harder to come by and more costly to extract, despite what oil prices would indicate. Fossils are a geo-political fixed resource, which means we have in the past and will continue to have conflict over who gets access to extract them(note the simmering dispute over the Arctic right now). Additionally, the oil, gas, and coal industries (energy industries in general actually) are monolithic behemoths that don't supply us with very many jobs; they don't really add to the flow of the economy in a way which would ensure that the market remains a level playing field. While not true monopolies, they are damn close to it.

I seems to me that the problem needs to broken down into parts that reduce the ridiculous, costly bickering and simply get things done by those who are interested in whichever part trips their trigger.

For example: Those like Murdoch should lead the effort to encourage preparation for potentially rising sea levels, increased heat indexes, etc... . Those that simply want to clean things up (like me) because it is stupid to shit in your own living room (earth), should focus on encouraging the alternative energies in the ways that they can. For example: Demand that your grid based energy provider pay for back feeds from small or home producers. Support those products that come from companies which have done comprehensive Life Cycle Analysis of their products. Buy their stuff! Additionally, encourage small energy producers in your area, including home energy producers. And educate yourself on how these alternatives work, where they work, and where they don't.

Some of the most misleading stuff I read about regarding the energy sector are the 'articles' that blatantly state that some new tech is going to bury the oil and coal industries. No, some new tech is not going to show up and replace all our cars, power plants, lawn mowers, factory farms, etc... in some short period of time. It ain't happening - Period.

What can and should happen is that we encourage the energy companies to work thoughtfully to sustain us as we learn about alternatives. The oil industry is not the enemy of the environment: We the consumers are. We need to think this issue through and simply go the direction we want to go. I think we will get what we want if we do so. After all, the market follows demand unless we let those that are good at manipulating it dictate it to us....

Bottom line, quit fighting fights that don't matter and just move the direction that we all really know is probably best for us..., after all, it is our living room...
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