Drive Them Into the Sea..... This Ain't the Civil War Idiots!

As an individual interested in technology I get a number of 'suggested posts' on Face Book and other media touting one form of tech or another that is going to be the 'answer to oil' or 'the carbon based fuel buster' or some such.  What a crock!  There are entirely too many forces driving carbon-based fuels into our consumption model for any one given technology to replace.  It is not that the technology can't do it: It is that we are too lazy to allow it.  It is easy to bitch about the crooked oil companies.  It is easy to bitch about the polution.  Just as it is easy to bitch about 'eco-terrorists' disrupting our handy business model that keeps homes warm, trucks delivering goods, and Aunt Martha on the plane to Thanks Giving dinner every year.  Oh, and to ignore the cost of all that convenience.  The opposing sides of the traditional/alternative energy debate are equally deluded.  Alternative energy is not going to drive carbon-based fuel usage into the history books any time soon.  And the energy industry is long past the days where they can dump and run with the money.

This is not the civil war.  This is not North vs South.  And the war will not be won by one side defeating the other.  There are, however, very similar driving forces involved.  There is a moral imperitive, there is money and the accomanying power, and there is change ahead, big change!!

Like the civil war, business is the driving force in this battle.  Two different models competing, not for dominance, but for the anaihalation of each other.

Societal change:  global population, aging US population, increasing imigrant population.

Economic change: Further automation=fewer jobs, increasing wage/corporate profit disparity,

Natural change:  Climate?  Water availability?  

Our current infrastructure is both physically and economicaly tied to a monopolistic model. While there are numerous companies that generate useable energy, there are really not any little guys, are there?  Nope, power generation and delivery is tied to a central system, and it is highly inconvenient to have individuals contributing to the centralized system in any way other than by paying the monthly bill.

My interest in alternative energy tech is two fold:

  1. I like the idea of doing things differently.  Change is good, it means we are responding to a real world, the changes it presents to us, and the changes we make in it.  Not changing is likely to lead to things being changed for us, which puts us in reacive mode instead of directive mode.  I like direciive mode.
  2. Energy should be free.  Why?  Because we are bombarded by it every mili-second of our existence.  

We are not (yet) charged for the air we breath, why should we be charged for the energy we use?  Ahhhh.... there is the rub!  We are not being charged for energy, just the use of it.
I don't like that.  We can and should do better.

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