Faith - A Beautiful Thing

Faith is an amazing and pervasive thing.  There are so many stories of people doing good things based on faith.  From those that rescue an abandoned animal, having faith that someone will claim it to investing time in a business venture that they believe will be of value to others and provide a living wage for their families.

As I think about my fathers fast fading days, I am reminded of the faith that he has and that he shares with others so enthusiasticaly.  His faith is that of the Christain, no denomination or brand attached.  Just a faith in a single God.  But the amazing thing is the way that the basis of that faith branches out, geometrically expanding into all aspects of his life.  His faith in his wife.  His faith in his sons.   His faith in his community.  And most importantly, his faith in himself.  He and Mom had the temerity to grow two businesses, to hire people who needed work, to invest in things that they thought were valueable to themselves, to thier family, to their community, to their country.

This is only a single example of many kinds of faith though.  I am reminded of the faith of our servicemen who willingly face some of the most inhumane circumstances based on the belief that those who sent them, those who asked them to go, are part and parcel of a people and a nation that respects that faith they adhere to.  They take an oath, and from that point on, they operate on faith in a system of government, a society, a culture.  They hinge their lives on a faith that the oath they swore to is worth fighting, living and dying for.

There is the faith of the secular humanist who believe that humans, and humanity in general, are rational beings that can work together, reason through problems and comprimise to reach solutions.  Perhaps thiers is the greatest faith of all, because they don't look to the mystical outside influence for help or guidance.  They simply rely on themselves.  I don't share that view, but I do admire it.  It is an incredible undertaking to endeavor to be so self-reliant, so incredibly confident in the capacity of the human being, both individually, and collectively.

There are the simple faiths we indulge in every day, from the old adage of the sun rising tomorrow morning to the belief that our day, and each of us in that day have a purpose, whatever that purpose might be.

We exist on faith...

A paraphrase from Dune by Frank Herbert which I am partial to:
"By my will, and by will alone, I set my mind in motion."

...and yet I must have faith that doing so will contribute in some way....
Faith:  A beutiful and mysterious thing.
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