What would I do if it were me

There is always a reason to and justification for criticizing our leadership in this country. It is our responsibility to challenge that leadership. I recall an old saying however that implies that you should not criticize without offering an option(supposedly better). I have joked with friends that "the world would be a better place (for me) if I ran it", usually after making some comment/complaint/snide-remark about what some political, economic or other type of leader is doing or saying. Now that is very easy to do. After all, it is not up to me.

On my way home from work the other day, it occurred to me that it is way too easy to do this. How can I bitch about how poorly our policies are set without offering a better solution. Now that is a lot easier said than done when one starts to think about it a bit. So I decided to give it a "serious" try. By serious, I mean that I want to make policies which fit within the framework of our constitution, which are beneficial to this country and its people. I DO NOT mean that these are realistic, justifiable, or informed. Nor do I mean to imply that I am in any way qualified to take on such a task. I only wish to examine the issues as if I were.

So the scenario is that I have by some strange circumstance come to be running for political office, the presidency no less. And as such, I need to have a platform, a basic vision for representing and leading the country forward. My next posts here will start outlining these policies, albeit in a very crude and naive way.

Anyone who cares to, please comment. I would ask this though, if you disagree with something, please offer up an alternative as compared to only criticism.

Lets see where this goes.....
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